Manchester United might not be in the Champions League, but their Manager, Jose Mourinho is definitely not missing any moment of the spectacle with a spectacular ad showing the two-time champions league winner giving an inspiring prep talk to an unseen audience, ostensibly the champions league audience, on an open rooftop. There were a lot of hidden things we learnt from the splendid two minutes ad and these are the 4 things we learnt from Jose Mourinho’s Champions League prep talk Ad.

5 Things We Learnt From Jose Mourinho’s Champions League Prep Talk Ad


Hollywood Beckons for the Portuguese

A better platform awaits Jose Mourinho’s usual theatrics on the football dugout; Hollywood! That is if the eccentric Portuguese decides to quit coaching for acting. Judging by his brilliant performance in that ad, we could see Jose honing his skills with regular Hollywood juggernauts like Robert De Niro, Will Smith or Morgan Freeman as a superhero sidekick, a ruthless assassin, or just a regular guy in a movie. Maybe he could be Don Corleone in a rehashed Godfather movie.


23 Trophies and Counting

Ever wondered why Mourinho has got an impressively massive haul of trophies across 4 European leagues and 5 clubs in just 13 years as a football coach? Wonder no more! His brilliant prep talk in the ad explains it all. His inspiring talk on sacrifice, will of lions, titans, legends, special ones and glory is enough to galvanise any footballers in the world to win the ultimate price.


A  Post-Apocalyptic Hero

What do these movie characters, John Connor, Neo Anderson, Katniss Everdeen and Max Rockatansky have in common? They were heroes in a dystopian world. Jose would fit well as a beacon of hope in the event of an apocalypse. Watching him energetically reel out inspiring words on a rooftop in spite of the thundering sound in the background and the splashes of  water from a heavy downpour, gives you that “We will destroy the machines” feeling.


He Loves the Big Stage

Mourinho always craves for the big stage, and very few stages in world football come bigger than the Champions League stage. Unfortunately for the controversial gaffe, he is missing in action. His current team, Machester United have ditched the big stage for the much less unheralded Europa league which, to put it bluntly, no one gives a hoot about. Jose is having none of this, though by being the montage of every match night in the champions league. His face will be splashed to billions of people around the world once the epic Champions league tune starts playing. Take that Pep!